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The wellness area of the hotel La Villa *** SOON AVAILABLE

The different spaces of the hotel are designed to promote the most peaceful stays. The terrace lounge area, the garden and the Provencal basin, with its constant sound of water, are just the proof of the care taken by the teams to ensure calm and serenity. & Nbsp;

To ensure the satisfaction of its guests, the 3-star establishment is equipped with a spa and wellness area. The equipment (jacuzzi and sauna) are up-to-date and upscale. The privatization of the place will guarantee you a moment of pure relaxation and well-being with your partner or family.


Guaranteed relaxation in the jacuzzi

The hotel La Villa *** offers you a moment of relaxation in a therapeutic high-end Jacuzzi. This jacuzzi can accommodate up to 5 people, 2 of which can be lengthened. Its privatization will guarantee you a moment of absolute rest in all intimacy.

Relaxation time in the sauna

The sauna is known for its benefits on the body such as improving the blood circulation and the immune system of users. At the hotel La Villa ***, you will have the opportunity to offer you a relaxation session in a modern sauna with two heating systems (traditional and infrared).

The formulas

Soon your hotel of charm will propose formulas to its privileged customers. These formulas will give access to the spa when booking one or more nights. They will be under the sign of relaxation or love.